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Much success at the Manx Music Speech and Dance Festival (The Guild)

What a wonderful week our students have had at The Guild. Not everyone was a winner- that just isn't possible. But everyone has performed confidently and most importantly, has enjoyed taking part. 

We are very proud of all our students who have taken part this week and wish to acknowledge everyone, not just the winners.


 Songs from the Musicals (Y9-13)

 Lois Mooney  87

 Ruth Corlett  87

 Mark Fullerton 84

 Shona Hardman 84

Reading From the Bible ( Y9-13)

Emer Halton 85

The Spoken Word (Y9 & 10)

Emer Halton 89 marks FIRST PLACE

Reading At Sight

Elizabeth Shooter 86

Abbie Williams 85

Scarlett Clague 83

Hannah Morris 82

Choral Speaking Up to Year 13

SurpRising Stars 86 marks and First Place

Character Study Y 7 & 8

Abbie Williams 88 marks and 1st Place

Elizabeth Shooter 87 marks and 2nd Place

Roman Trimble 86 marks & 3rd Place

Aaron McCluskey 83 marks

Isobel Knop 83 marks

Reading from The Bible Y 7 & 8

Hannah Morris 85

Ellen Lewin 84

Spoken Word Y 7 & 8

Roman Trimble 89 marks and First Place

Scarlett Clague 86

Hannah Morris 86

Ellen Lewin 85

Abbie Williams 84


Shakespeare Up to Y 9

Roman Trimble 88 marks and 2nd place


Character Study Y9-11

Emer Halton 89 marks and FIRST PLACE

Matty Simpson 86

Ruth Corlett 85

Kelly McMullin 84

Reading from The Bible Y3-6

Danielle Wilkinson 86

Reece Lally 86

Keira Metcalfe 85


Duologue up to Y6

Sophie Sheard & Graihagh Kelsey 85

Keira Metcalfe & Sophie Sheard 84

Danielle Wilkinson & Reece Lally 83


Duologue Y 7 & 8

Roman Trimble & Aaron McCluskey 89 marks & FIRST PLACE

Lauryn Anderson & Alexandra Slater 86 marks

Emily Rose Lally & Elizabeth Shooter 86 marks

Ellen Lewin & Hannah Moris 85 marks

Scarlett Clague & Abbie Williams 84 marks

Public Speaking Y 7 & 8

Abbie Williams 85

Scarlett Clague 84

Polly Watson 84

Spoken Word Y6

Poppy Williams 86 marks & 3rd place

Spoken Word Y5

Reece Lally 84

Group Theme Up to Y6

Stage One South 87 marks and 2nd Place


Well done to all of our students who competed in The Guild this week. We are very proud of you all.




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Spring Term 2015

Looking forward to welcoming our students back to classes after the Christmas break.

SOLO SKILLS start on Friday 9 January at TRINITY HALL.

MUSICAL THEATRE in Onchan Hall and PERFORMANCE ARTS in Colby Hall on Saturday 10 January.

DRAMA CLASSES in Onchan Hall on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 January.

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Students from Stage One Drama School and Sing Up competed in The Guild this week. 

It has been a wonderful week of Music and Drama with all of our students performing so well and doing their very best. 

The Results:

Friday 25th April

Popular Standard Song

First Place awarded to Lois Mooney with 89 marks.

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Saturday 26th April

Folk Song Y4-8

Elizabeth Shooter won the class with 88 marks singing I Must and I will Get Married

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New Website!

We hope you all enjoy our new website as much as we do! 

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